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Africa Policy Research Institute Limited (APRIL) is incorporated in Kenya. The mission of the organisation is to contribute to the discourse on public policy and management in the context of Africa’s development aspirations through research, consultancy and advocacy services. The opportunities and challenges of attaining the development visions and goals of the nations of Sub-Sahara Africa, as they underpin the collective spirit of the continent’s renaissance and pursuit of prosperity, are the focus of our work. We earnestly seek to make a thought leadership contribution in harnessing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges.


APRIL’s professional pursuits have particular interest in the challenges of efficient and effective mobilisation and utilisation of domestic resources, especially tax and non-tax revenues, for timely and sustainable achievement of the millennium development goals and ultimate eradication of poverty. Therefore, our current work has a strong bias on research and consultancy in tax policies and administration systems, and public financial management. Furthermore, we uphold the mantra of “African Solutions to African Problems”. However, we ensure comparative advantage in the pursuit of local solutions by drawing on global knowledge and good practices. Therefore, our resource pool is international and multidisciplinary.


APRIL works in close collaboration with African governments, multilateral and bilateral institutions, academic institutions, international and national non governmental organisations, faith based organisations, independent researchers, interested members of the public, and both national and international think-tanks. Every assignment that we undertake enables the participation of these groups through mechanisms such as consultation, partnerships and information sharing. In line with APRIL’s advocacy mandate, this website enables sharing of both our aspirations as well as  the outputs and other results of the Institute’s work. We welcome feedback and other constructive contributions.


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